Bandita Bonita
Romancing Billy the Kid
Available in Paperback at and Barnes & Noble, and other select book stores across the U.S. and Europe. Available on Kindle and Nook
Nicole Maddalo Dixon was born
and raised in Philadelphia, and
lives in Bucks County,  PA with
her husband, Wallace.
If you like Twilight and The Hunger Games...

Bandita Now Available at Billy the Kid's Home,
Ft. Sumner, NM
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Bandita Artwork

"Excellent book! Can't wait for the sequel!"

"Suspenseful, Charming, and Sexy..."

"Billy and Lucy are irresistible together."

"Sharp, edgy, and witty!

"A captivating story about a strong willed woman
struggling with her love for the notorious
Billy the Kid."

Bandita Synopsis & Lincoln County, NM Tour Information
"Passionate and rich in its grasp of the past…It brings to life one of the most interesting and yes, exciting chapters in the distinctively American frontier west.
A captivating story about a strong willed woman who struggles with her love for notorious Billy the Kid

"Beatifully written debut novel."

About the Author
As a new and proud member, you can now find me on the Western Writers of America website:
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